Saturday, June 1, 2013

Swimming day at Bangsar

Baked 2 banana cakes when it was almost midnight


Went for a swim on the next day~ My see through top is from Bangkok.

Underwater shoot with our iPhone's! There were more pics but we looked terrible! Gonna go for an underwater shoot again next was too fun!

My artistic shot of jiexi 

Cutie pie Indy from Holland.There were many lil angmoh kids (her siblings,friends or cousins) but she was the friendliest and prettiest! I wish I had a lil angmoh sis T_T

With Indy again!Cropped my head because I have face problem.

we are cousins not lesbian~

Showered and all dolled up for a noob shoot. Stay tuned for jiexi's blog ( haha!

No filter = bad skin

with Camera360's Magic skin <3


and me chilling by the pool


Thursday, May 30, 2013


Celebrated Jiexi's birthday @ LasCarretas , Taipan w/ the girl friends

Went to Wong Kok for the big ass milk tea after dinner w the girls!

         And guess who I met there! ��


Pavlova & Trifle Jiexi's mama baked on mothers' day! 


OTW to pavillion! Random shot from my front cam! I think Jiexi look freaking pretty here!!

   Had my fav-Shimino Crepe at Tokyo      street before seeing jay park! 

  Expensive but yummy udon for dinner!! 

Mizz Nina's concert at KL LIVE. We went there for Jay Park :p A big thanks to JX for the concert ticket!!!

He sang JOAH, girlfriend , around the world and nothin' on you!!! 

Met a reporter for the concert at a cafe! She told us which hotel jay park stayed and she even interviewed him that morning & showed us some of the photos :p she said Jay went shopping at KLCC! T__T


Went to sushi zanmai during break for lunch with Jia Wei @ sushi zanmai. MISS THIS STUPID CHEESE SUSHI SO MUCH 
Went to genting w/ Yi yuan for Kpop dream concert because we got a pair of free ticket from suet Ying! Thanks SY for the Rock Zone ticket!!!! <3

                        BTOB *drools*


4minute! My fav so they deserve more pics

    HYUNA!!! *the girl in Gangnam style*

     Brown eyed girls *one of the member was in Psy's gentleman MV*
                     SISTAR !
           Bora *Jay park's favourite* ��


             Love the thunder effect(!!!!)

     Decided to get my hair chopped! 
                     Just kidding ! 


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Charity sales @ INTI college

Trying to blog with the blogger app on iPhone ~~~

Having a charity sales with the classmates at INTI for 3 days! It's a project for our general studies! 
I was the photographer and all I had I do is just snap picture ! ;D

Pretty and yummy cupcakes baked by the classmates! 

           Cupcakes for RM3.5 each !!!

"Free hug for each donation" = not free

Seng Yi the Stitch hugging angmohhhh

                     With Onnia !!!


      Eating cupcakes with swag LOLOL


               Forced Joe to pose x')

 And my driver of the day - Chiou Wen !